Online mobile repair in Bangalore

Multi-Brand Online mobile repair in Bangalore

Local operations team on call 24 hours a day, available to work at a moments notice.


Gadset is an renowned company for the service of

Doorstep mobile repair services Bangalore.

We are a startup specialized in fixing mobile related issues and run by a group of engineers who are focused on providing the best possible experience to our customers at their doorstep.


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You can book your service via the booking form in our website or you can call us directly @ 7760365525. You can visit our store as well

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In case of a doorstep pickup service, one of our executives will get in touch with you for confirmation & pick up your device at your doorstep

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Once we receive your device at our lab, we will inpect each and every aspect of the device & try to find out what problems are there in your device.

phone glass screen repair


We will call & confirm the delivery time & location with you & we will deliver the device to you. After this, you will get a delivery confirmation in mail.



Online Mobile repair in Bangalore

Nowadays, a Smartphone is the most common gadget that people use. Due to its robust operational capabilities and efficiency, it makes the job of people easier than it was before. Sometimes, the phone doesn’t work well and it needs immediate repairing.Online mobile repair services haven’t yet developed all over the country. Only a few companies are there sparsely located that offer this service.

Reliable doorstep mobile repair services in Bangalore

Though a number of mobile repairing companies are there in India, a majority of them don’t possess the service of mobile repair online. Gadset is such a company who was initially focused on repairing of phone display. Later it has excelled its team in repairing the top-notch branded mobile phones.One can rarely found online mobile repair services; it is only one to offer this facility. With this introduction, obtaining the reliable doorstep mobile repair services gets compact and easier now more than ever. Reliability of the services is completely depended on its professional team.

How online mobile repair services at your doorstep are beneficial?

The people who are settled in Bangalore can obtain the service of mobile repair in Bangalore at their doorstep in just a phone call.Alike home delivery services of food, clothing and other things; it has aimed to offer mobile repair service to the people in Bangalore at their doorstep. The company is expecting that this facility will give the ultimate solution in fixing the issue one experiences with its Smartphone and other Internet Accessibility Smart Handy Gadgets.


Online phone repair service is gradually receiving its popularity in Indian scenario because of its unexpected advantages. Now the people cannot think of fraction of seconds without their Smartphones/tablets/laptops. These gadgets become the ideal companion of the people by providing a wide array of solution for different newly-emerged unavoidable issues. One can reserve any cab to commute anywhere if the car malfunctions.

Similarly, one can preorder food for dinner and can customize its delivery time through the Smartphone. So the service of mobile repair online is like a jerk for them to repair their phone at any moment. Now, Gadset is offering the services at their doorstep for the sake of the customers.

They are well-aware with the value of the Smartphone and its key factors and so committed to repair it as soon as it is possible.

Gadset is an old company settled and offered the service of mobile repair in Bangalore. Once the founding team has decided to experiment on repairing several branded Smartphone, laptops and tablets and achieve success. From then on the company has been offering the service of doorstep mobile repair in Bangalore.

After the introduction of online mobile service in Bangalore, it has planned to set off its services to other states and cities as well. Till date, they offer the phone repairing services in Bangalore via online communication. To know more please click on or Email at

As Gadset is about to launch its online mobile repairing services to other cities than Bangalore, it will provide a plethora of benefits to the customers. Some of them are:

  • It will provide quality spare parts
  • Easy pick up of your gadget
  • You can keep track of the repairing and delivery status
  • After repairing the gadget will be checked thoroughly
  • Repairing at a reasonable price

Gadset has become a renowned company for the service of online phone repair in Bangalore. There are several reasons for this huge popularityFirst, the expert team of engineers which offer a great contribution in dealing with the problems so accurately. Fast quality and quick delivery are other key factors playing the integral role behind its huge success.

Yes, the company provides online mobile services in Bangalore for all brands. The expert team is excellent in offering iPhone repair services as well.   

Though there is no fixed tenure for this, the phone is dispatched for delivery soon after it has been fixed.

Yes, the parts which are replaced by the company are original and come with a warranty of 1 year. This makes it the leading service company for doorstep mobile repair in Bangalore.

Gadset, charges a minimal price for the online phone repair in Bangalore. The cost is depended on the phone model, its faults and replaceable requirement.  

It accepts both online and offline payments methods. So, it offers you with COD, net banking, credit card, and debit card payment facility.

No, though the quality is its core target, it doesn’t offer service guarantee of the repair. Rather it offers the warranty of the replaceable items.