We know that smartphones are now an important part of our life and also the amount of data we store in it is quite huge.

So when a smart phone is dead , our heart breaks and mind stops working. We take it to authorised service centres and all that they say is motherboard is bad and we have to change the motherboard.

But one thing that these service centres do not understand is that how do we get data if we change motherboard.

This is where service centres with good technical teams like ours help customers save the cost plus regain their beloved data.

So here I am going to explain how we repaired a dead samsung A21s motherboard.

First step is that we have checked all the basics and then we tried to switch on the motherboard on external power supply but it didn’t turn on. Instead it was consuming 0.092 A without pressing or triggering the power key. When this happened, we understood that the board is short.

So next step we removed all the safety shields installed on the motherboard and then we placed it under thermal camera. (For those of you who don’t know thermal camera is used to detect shorts in a circuit)

Thermal camera showing a capacitor which was short.

So as it showed that this capacitor is short we removed and checked that now the line was okay. Hence we replaced the capacitor and then the phone was on.

IMG 20220701 WA0031
IMG 20220701 WA0028

Now the question which arises why this small capacitor is causing the phone to go dead. Basically this capacitor was in the power circuit which is responsible for distributing power in the phone and hence it caused the entire line to be short and as a result the phone was dead.

Motherboard repairs require knowledge and experience and we at gadset strive hard to increase both day by day. So if you are facing similar issues with your phone please get in touch with us.

– kushal sajja(Team gadset)

Technician – Siddhangouda Patil