This phone had two repairs from us. We had already replaced top broken glass for the same customer about 4 months. Now the customer had come back with a new problem.

Problem : It was on crash dump mode and he gave it to authorised service centre but they could not fix it as they were flashing software on to the phone. One plus was asking him to replace motherboard which was like about 20 grand.

Customer had come to us asking if we can do something about it. We know by experience that this happens due to the Ram getting dry soldered or due to Ram malfunctioning. Generally now a days lot of phones are coming up with POP model where RAM is placed on top of cpu. And in these devices we have seen that ram either gets dry soldered or RAM becomes faulty.

As you can see from the below picture, we have replaced the Ram of the customer and then the phone was ready. Also customer got his entire data back.

IMG 20220629 WA0010
Replaced Ram of one plus 6 motherboard
IMG 20220629 WA0009
Image of phone after successful repair

This job requires quite good hand skills as you are handling the heart of the phone (cpu) and I have to commend our chip level technician for such a wonderful job.

As always if you are facing any such issues with your phone, please get in touch with us and also spread the word to friends and family. For more insightful information about phone repairs follow us.

– kushal Sajja

Technician: Siddu