We have come accross cases where customers displays are fine but yet they don’t turn on because of motherboard issue. One such issue was this. Ase of redmi 8a dual.

When we got the phone , we initially thought it was a display issue but later upon basic card level diagnosis we found that even after changing display the issue persisted . Hence we started our board level diagnosis.

While observing the phone under microscope we found that one of the mipi coupler coils was burnt. If your wondering what i am talking about these are coupler coils on ur motherboards display section which form mipi lines which are essential for data communication.

IMG 20220701 WA0024
Burnt coupler coil
IMG 20220701 WA0023
Coils near display jack

These coils are generally near to the display jack. So we found that one of these coils was burnt and replaced it. As soon as we replaced issue was solved.

IMG 20220701 WA0025
Mission successful

If you go to authorised service centre they would say change the board but as we say changing the board doesn’t get ur data. So we try and repair so that customer can get their data back

If you are facing such issues please get back to us

-kushal sajja

Technician – Dileep kumar