Whenever phone breaks we all know that we have to get it repaired but lot of us don’t know a fact that in many cases complete display folder need not be replaced as they do in authorised service centre or in some repair shops

Here is a case of two phones where customers display was broken but instead of replacing the whole display we have refurbished the old display by replacing the top glass only.

IMG 20220701 WA0036
Broken Vivo s1
IMG 20220701 WA0039
Glass replaced
IMG 20220701 WA0037
Broken Vivo z1x
IMG 20220701 WA0038
Glass replaced Vivo z1x

The reason to this is that 1) u get ur original display at almost half of the cost of sometimes 1/4th cost and 2)A copy display which is available in secondary Market is never as good as the orginal one.

We have glass repair experts at our lab. Also if you want to understand how glass repair exactly works please watch the following video https://youtu.be/9UUZyJlBrUkhttps://youtu.be/9UUZyJlBrUk

Having said that in case u need to do this u can get back to us

– kushal sajja

Technician – Manjith