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iPhone 6 Screen Replacement in Bangalore

Do you live in Bangalore and have a broken iPhone that needs fixing? Well, you’re in luck. Gadset offers iPhone repair services of all simple and complicated kinds in and around Bangalore. Just send in your phone or drop it off at our store and we will get it mended in no time. We promise you a brand new- looking phone in exchange for a cracked and chipped set.

When it comes to phones, one of the orders that keeping to us frequently is the problem of cracked screens. The iPhone 6 is a pretty sleek phone with a smooth and thin body. While that is great to look at and show off to your friends, it’s not the most grip-friendly design. 

The polished finish of the body tends to slip easily through the fingers and if you have dropped yours more than once, it’s simply because the phone eludes a strong grasp. But worry not because we have got you covered there. 

Whether it’s a barely visible crack in the corner or a major spider web all over the phone, a scratch the size of a dime, or a damage that renders your screen dysfunctional, we have a solution for all kinds of screen damages for iPhone 6 phones. 

Fix cracked iPhone screen

With every phone problem, we have a two-step approach policy. First, we try to analyze the damage and see if it can be fixed with good results. If that is possible, we let our clients know that we can fix cracked iPhone screen and that they can have the phone back in a small time.

If we see screen damage that is fixable, we use the tools and devices available to us to fill up the cracks and erase out all unsightly lines making the screen look unscathed and working again. That’s what we aim to do for all our clients but unfortunately, only a small number of phones that come to us turn out eligible for minor fixes. That brings us to the second solution we offer. 

iPhone 6 screen replacement

The iPhone 6 screen replacement is one of our most sought services among iPhone 6 owning clients. With most screen damages being irreversible, we have a little option left in hand than to replace the whole screen. This may be a costlier proposition compared with the repair but it’s always a better option for two reasons. First, it reverts all traces of damage. Post-replacement, the phone screen is as good as new. Second, a screen replacement adds a good few years to the life of a phone. 

So, if you are planning on using your iPhone 6 for several years, it’s best to turn a broken screen for a replacement. We will make sure that your display goes back to new when we return the phone to you.

For more information, give us a call and we will assist you through the process of booking our service in just a minute. 

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