Title: Effortless OnePlus 6T Display Replacement at Your Doorstep by Team Gadset in Bangalore

Our smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, keeping us connected and informed. However, accidents can occur, and our beloved devices may suffer from unexpected damage, particularly to the display. In such situations, finding a reliable and convenient repair service becomes crucial. Luckily, in Bangalore, Team Gadset has earned a reputation for […]

How we repaired broken glass of two Vivo phones.

Whenever phone breaks we all know that we have to get it repaired but lot of us don’t know a fact that in many cases complete display folder need not be replaced as they do in authorised service centre or in some repair shops Here is a case of two phones where customers display was […]

How we repaired a redmi 8a dual display issue

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We have come accross cases where customers displays are fine but yet they don’t turn on because of motherboard issue. One such issue was this. Ase of redmi 8a dual. When we got the phone , we initially thought it was a display issue but later upon basic card level diagnosis we found that even […]

How we repaired a dead samsung a 21s.

We know that smartphones are now an important part of our life and also the amount of data we store in it is quite huge. So when a smart phone is dead , our heart breaks and mind stops working. We take it to authorised service centres and all that they say is motherboard is […]